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In addition to shiner.clay being a blog, shiner.clay is also the name of my main musical project. After doing the rounds in various punk rock and experimental sampling outfits in the early ’90’s, I began recording music on my own under the name “Ceiling”. After a few releases on the new defunct Hydrant label, I moved the project to the UK where along with a brand new studio, the project was re-engineered under the name “shiner.clay”.

Why “shiner.clay”? Because I’ve said for years that with the proliferation of bands and home studios these days, it’s only logical to assume that we’re all going to run out of band names. In searching for alternative sources of inspiration, I received an AOL CD-R in the mail (one of many as I’m sure you’ve seen). “Shiner” and “Clay” were a username and password combination and I liked the image of a ruddy brown environment punctuated by a shining coin, so it stuck.

I was previously running a mix of both hardware (EPS16+, ASR10,
D-50, R8, etc…) but recently have moved over to a fully software based studio running off an ancient Powerbook G4. (No more lugging around heavy equipment! Woo!) Everything from 2006 onwards has been brought to you courtesy of Native Instruments software and various samples that I find here and there.

Both are then fed through Ableton’s Live with a little help from Pluggo and Twerk’s Cameltoe MAX/MSP sequencer. Mixing and post-processing is all handled in Live and final mastering is done via Amadeus.
Did we mention how much we love Ableton?

The tracks below are full length mp3’s with no DRM. If you like what you hear, please tell a friend. Sharing is caring!

Rue St. Catherine Is Dreaming Of You (2007)

Altruism Forgiven
Retracted Discoveries
Rue St. Catherine Is Dreaming Of You
A Long Distance Decision
Trails Of Danger and Sorrow
The Haunted Lake
Spectral Visions
Maranui On Midnight
Mostly Mt. Eden
Obscured By Clouds

Capricorn Linear (2006)

Pember Reeves
Capricorn Linear
Santos Gravity Shift

The Fire Inside
Night Sky Lullaby
Welcome To Wellington
Kid Robot Bomb Squad
The Reason Is Always You

Clandestine Smiles EP (2005)

Coalfire Embraces
Fluid Beta

Coloured Optimistic
Little Sparks

Gamble House (2005)

More Than You’ll Ever Know
Gamble House
Into The Breach
Northern Lights

High Desert Vision
20 Miles To Daylight
Six Spirits
Onward Miami

Silence and Secrets EP (2004)

The Decemberist
Saddle River
Twilight Stateside
In Some Ways We Are The Same


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Hello there. Well, since you asked, shiner.clay is a blog about interesting things in the world around us. Music, lifestyle, culture, film, design, art – all with a forward thinking technological angle.

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